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Computing Objectives: I can refine and present information. I can use given criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of my own publications. Writing Objectives: I can select appropriate writing styles to suit purpose and audience. (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Sealife Centre Trip
Today 1C got to touch, see and learn about lots of different sea creatures at Blackpool's Sealife Centre.  We loved looking at the sharks swimming overhead in the glass tunnel.  Can you remember the name of the big shark? 1 smiley for the first per (More)
Across Year 2 we are reading and completing work based on the book The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson. So far we have described the character Plop, discussed lots of new vocabulary we have found in the book, predicted what we think (More)
Miss Langley and Miss White have set you a writing competition. Can you write some descriptive writing which includes: similes or / and personification The winners will receive a certificate and there will be a couple of prizes to be won! Happy (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Visitors
   Mrs Powell's parents came into visit to answer all our questions.  We wanted to know all about when they were young and what toys they played with. We had lots of good questions so they were kept very busy answering them all. (More)
lllewellin wrote: NO WORD OF A LIE!
In 3C we have been performing poetry last week! We have looked at the poem NO WORD OF A LIE by Jackie Kay. We performed this together and then wrote our own versions. Here is Lilly's version of the poem, I went to the River Nile and that's (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: Creative writing prompt
Write a clear description of an animal you know well. Make sure you describe what it does and how it behaves as well as what it looks like. Use the skills and sentence structures we have covered in lessons to ensure your writing is of high quality (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Welcome to 1C!
welcome to 1C's blog.  This half term we will be using books written by the author Judith Kerr as a stimulus for our learning.  Can you name any titles of books written by Judith Kerr?  Do you have a favourite book written by her? (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Mr Ros
This morning Ros has been teaching us the Bulgarian alphabet. We have then written our names in Bulagrian.we have found it a little complicated but very interesting. Thanks Ros!   (More)
Dear Diary,                                                             19th May 1874 This morning I woke up in a shuttle that rocked as violently as a galloping horse - when the throttle (More)
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