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Miss Tomlinson wrote: Trip to Wyre Country Park Letter
Please see below for information about our trip to the Wyre Country Park on Thursday 16th March. (More)
Miss Campbell wrote: Year 4 Roman Museum trip
Here is a copy of the trip letters for Year 4. 4C Roman Museum Trip 4M Roman Museum Trip (More)
Mrs Walpole wrote: Our first outing !
Before the outing  Mrs Walpole drew a treasure map of the EYFS garden and we tried to locate the treasure ! Tj thought it might be this "small tomato" and Archie thought that it was the worm that he had found.   Anyway, RM had lots (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Zoo
We have been to the zoo today and we made Miss Tomlinson extremely proud! Our behaviour was perfect and learned loads of new facts about all the animals we saw. We also impressed a zoo keeper with out knowledge of animal adaptations. An all round sup (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Global Renewables Trip
  This week, Year 4 have been on a trip to Global Renewables. We saw lots of rubbish being delivered, then recycled and made into compost! 4C - Can you use a 2A sentence to describe the process, or as a challenge, can you use a name - (More)
3M visit Eureka by Slidely Slideshow (More)
Mr King wrote: Blackpool Zoo
Last week all the year 6 children at Claremont went to Blackpool zoo , to learn about the habitats of the different animals. My favourite part of the trip was when we saw the wolves because i have never seen one before in real life. What were your fa (More)
School Council went to visit the Mayor and we learnt a lot of interesting facts about her and the building! The Town Hall took 5 years to build and it was amazing how it looked! First we went into the council chamber were the Mayor's assistant told (More)
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