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lllewellin wrote: Our New Topic
Can anybody guess what our new topic may be this half term? Here is a sneak peak of our classroom entrance as a clue...   (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Planting potatoes and bulbs
In 2C we have been growing potatoes but the plants have now outgrown their indoor growing bag so we have planted them in the planters on the playground. Before we planted them we had to carefully pull up all of the weeds. As well as potatoes, w (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: The chicks have hatched!!
Today we have been lucky enough to go and meet the chicks and hold them. (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Autumn 2 Enrichment
Every child in Year 2 took a letter home today about the enrichment activities we have planned over the next half term. Click the link below to access this letter. Click here for the letter (More)
A huge well done to all of these children who made some fantastic space vehicles for this half-term's homework project.   (More)
Wow Bonnie! What an amazing homework project you have made! I can't was to see all of 2C's homework projects. Don't forget the deadline for all homework projects is Monday 4th April. (More)
Miss Fleet wrote: Spring 1 Topic - Stone Age
This half term we are learning about The Stone Age. Take a look at our topic web to see what we will be learning. Our homework activity is to create a model of a stone age home. Have a look at Jack's in the photo at the header of our blog for an e (More)
Miss Fleet wrote: 1C Spring 1 Topic
This term our topic is based on the books of Percy the Park Keeper and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Parents of 1C - please have a look at our topic web to see what we will be learning about and see what links you can make at home. You could also u (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Our designs
We are working in teams to design our models ready for building them this afternoon. (More)
Miss Fleet wrote: Spring 1 Topic
This half term's topic is based on Percy the Park Keeper and The Hungry Caterpillar. Parents of 1M - please have a look at what we are learning about to see if there is anything you can do at home to help or just to ask your child about: (More)
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