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Miss Pennington wrote: Goldilocks and the three bears
This week we have been learning about the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We have been talking about our homes and looking at logos in the environment. Here are some pictures of our Goldilocks performance today! (More)
The parents who had not given blog permission for their child have very kindly given a one off permission for the whole class video to be posted. We really appreciate this and would ask that whilst you may share the link with with family and friends, (More)
This half term we have been thinking about the weather in other parts of the world. We have our own travel agents in class, where we have been looking at different destinations for holidays with different weather. Where is you favourite holiday des (More)
Miss Campbell wrote: Natures Mysteries!
This half term 1M's topic is Natures Mysteries. The children will be learning about all things to do with plants and animals. Here are some of the things we've done so far... What do you know about plants and animals? Miss Gold (More)
We have been using shapes in our construction area to create the type of home that we live in. Can you guess what type of house Kai lives in? What 3d shapes can you see? (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Making up a story
We have really enjoyed our castle topic and being able to play with the castle and knights. We have been making our own stories whilst playing then drawing it and retelling to the class at the end of the day. Mrs Powell thinks we may have some futu (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: We love birthdays.
We have been thinking a lot about how we celebrate birthdays in 2c. In our role play area we are role playing giving and receiving gifts at a birthday party. We think its just as good to give presents as receive them. Can you describe your favouri (More)
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