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Miss Tomlinson wrote: Mr Ros
This morning Ros has been teaching us the Bulgarian alphabet. We have then written our names in Bulagrian.we have found it a little complicated but very interesting. Thanks Ros!   (More)
17kaydancee wrote: Friendship.
Friend ship is a very nice thing were a lot of people play togerther. If people fall out it is heart breaking. It does not have to friend ship it might be love. In a class we are all friends and family.   We are all friends in Cl (More)
17Jessica wrote: Friendship
Friends are always good and nice Ripples it feels like a  raspberry ripple inside Inside of your heart is friendship Ever lasting friends Nothing but friendship   (More)
Miss Campbell wrote: PE
2M have been enjoying their PE lessons in their brand new kits. All the children look really smart and take part in every lesson. This half term 2M are practising their football skills. (More)
lllewellin wrote: We look after each other...
This week we have been talking about how we care for each other as friends in 2C. We came up with lots of wonderful ideas of how we care and look after everybody in class and in school. Here are some of our ideas...   (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: SMSC in 6M
In 6M we celebrate many different cultures in the classroom. We have Polish and South American (Columbia) nationalities in class which we often talk about during circle time activities. Everyone is seen as equal in 6M which helped us devise our n (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Cultural
In last week's assembly, Mrs Collins and Miss Campbell discussed SMSC.  Can you remember what each of these letters stands for? We had the task of looking at cultural and this tied in well with our current R.E. topic of 'Sikhism'.  We have been (More)
Miss Langley wrote: Looking After Each Other
This week in 2M we have been looking at how we can look after each other and what is the moral thing to do. We worked together in groups to produce a poster with all the things we do in 2M. We want to make the morally right choice! Some of the (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: We love reading!
In 1C we really enjoy reading. We enjoy reading on our own, with an adult and with out friends. We also enjoy reading lots of different types of books, we especially enjoy funny stories. What type of books do you enjoy? (More)
There have been many proud moments in year 2. What has been your proudest moment in 2C? (More)
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