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Mrs Moore wrote: Water Resistance
As part of our Science topic on Friction we have investigated water resistance. We designed and made boats in small groups then raced them across the surface of the water using a fan. 5M can you comment on this post and explain who you wor (More)
Miss Pennington wrote: Sinking and floating
We have enjoyed exploring items that float or sink. We predicted which items would float or sink and recorded our predictions in a table together. We then tested the objects in our bowl of water and we tried to explain why we thought they sank or flo (More)
Mrs Moore wrote: Year 5 Trip to Aspire
On Friday afternoon all of Year 5 will have the opportunity to visit Aspire School to a planetarium to learn all about space and the solar system. We will be travelling to Aspire by coach after lunch and will be back at school by 4:45pm. If you haven (More)
nriches wrote: Food Chains
Here is an example of two food chains. Can you tell me another food chain? What does a food chain always start with?   (More)
nriches wrote: Fun Fox Facts
Tomorrow 2M are going to be looking at coordination to extend their sentences. For example; and, or and but. Can you write some fun fox facts using coordination? (More)
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[pdf-embedder url="http://claremontblackpool.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Family-Science-Claremont-2.pdf" title="Family Science Claremont Information"] (More)
Our broadbean plants have now grown too big for their greenhouses so we have replanted them in cups of soil. I wonder if any of them will grow into the clouds! [gallery ids="251,250,249,248,247"]   (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Sealife Centre Trip
Today 1C got to touch, see and learn about lots of different sea creatures at Blackpool's Sealife Centre.  We loved looking at the sharks swimming overhead in the glass tunnel.  Can you remember the name of the big shark? 1 smiley for the first per (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: We've been planting broad beans.
We have made greenhouses and planted broadbeans in them, we hope they grow into huge beanstalks! (More)
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