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Miss Campbell wrote: Year 4 Roman Museum trip
Here is a copy of the trip letters for Year 4. 4C Roman Museum Trip 4M Roman Museum Trip (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: Boudicca Questions
On Friday Boudicca is going to be joining our classroom for question time. Can you think of any questions you would like to ask Boudicca? (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: Roman Battle
Look at this picture and answer the following questions; Where is the battle taking place? Who is fighting? How can you tell? Why are they fighting? How do you think the men are feeling? Plan your ideas and then record your response on the (More)
Mrs Wood wrote: The Romans
Throughout the Spring Term, Year 3 will be learning all about the Romans. Roman  lifestyles, invasions, Celts, battles and much, much more. As the Roman topic covers such a huge area of History we will be focusing on smaller sections each week. T (More)
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