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Miss Langley wrote: 6c reptile textiles project
Here are some photos of our final squares. We are going to put all of the squares together to make a large class patchwork turtle! Watch this space for more details! (More)
14 Aneka wrote: Short Lizard Story!!
One scorching day in the Sahara Desert (Which blew sand in my face like a cleaner blowing dust off a counter), there was an adorable, tiny gecko, which had a coat of khaki spots all over his bright yellow body. One casual, sweltering day, a collectio (More)
  We had  two weeks to plan, rehearse and perform the first class assembly of the new year! We had only been learning about reptiles for two weeks! We are proud of our assembly! Aaron's dad is on a separate video (Yes Miss Langley did (More)
Well,  lovely leopard geckos have black spots from their head to the tip of its tail.When you look closer, you can see white bumps on its legs and on the side of its body. Although the spots and the bumps are good, there's one thing that makes it mo (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: Last week in 6m
We had such an exciting week last week, our topic projects had to be handed in and we had a Bearded Dragon visit our class. Some of the project models are shown below along with a few pictures of Lilly. A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Porter for br (More)
14C Daniel wrote: Daniel Reptile Story
One sunny afternoon Jonjo (gecko) and his brother scaly (snake) were walking (more like slithering)  down the road,suddenly a BANG!! A puff  of purple smoke appeared then a sudden glow showed out of mid air. Then a glowing light blue/green  rock (More)
We loved having Flash in class, the children asked some great questions and really enjoyed the visit. A big thank you to Alex and Mrs Webster for bringing him in. (More)
14 Andrew wrote: Reptiles!!
Lizards are not very intelligent creatures, but they are determined to learn more about the human world with curiosity. Reptiles also like scatter around when they are trying to catch something. As you can see, this lizard is curious where this red d (More)
14C Daniel wrote: Reptile questions.
  1.Is this true or false? That Lizards are in different colours? 2.How many legs does a crocodile have? 3.Is this true or false? that lizards lay eggs? 4.Do crocodiles have ears? 5.what is a crocodiles Latin name? (More)
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