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Mrs Spence wrote: Super suffixes
In year 1 today we were suffix detectives.  Mrs Spence asked us to look for words including suffixes as well as finding root words that we could add suffixes such a ing, ed and er to.  We found so many words that we filled four large sheets (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Phonics
In Year 1 we like to practice our reading and phonics knowledge in lots of different ways. Paired reading, phonic games, making alien words and reading words to a partner.        (More)
This term, we have been learning about Julia Donaldson stories and traditional tales. We enjoyed writing our own endings to Little Red Riding Hood and reading them to the class. We also ordered the characters from The Enormous Turnip. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: World Book Day
1M joined in the 20th Anniversary celebration of World Book Day. We read stories, dressed up as our favourite characters and completed lots of reading challenges. Can you guess which characters we are dressed up as?        (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: World Book Day book token
On Thursday all children received a World Book Day Book Token. This token will get you £1 off any book or one of the selected World Book Day books absolutely free! You can spend them at a variety of book shops including Waterstones, WHSmiths and Asd (More)
Across Year 2 we are reading and completing work based on the book The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson. So far we have described the character Plop, discussed lots of new vocabulary we have found in the book, predicted what we think (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: CBeebies live!
Today we joined in with schools around the country watching CBeebies live to join in telling and making up stories. We all thought of our own endings for the rock pool story.       (More)
Mr King wrote: Our class read
This half year we are studying the book 'Kensukes kingdom,'by the great author Michael Morpurgo. The children are really enjoying this book and are eager to find out what happens in the end. We have plenty of other books by this author in our l (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Author Focus in Year 1
Each term Year 1 is using a book focus of an author or a theme to engage the children in their writing. This term our author is Judith Kerr and the children have loved reading and retelling her stories. Please ask the children which books we have r (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Homework and Reading Books
Thank you to all the children who have been completing their homework and bringing their reading books into school every day. It is really important that every child has their reading book in school as we read with children on a daily basis. Even s (More)
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