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Parts of a Plant from ccarwrig (More)
Miss Langley wrote: What do plants need to grow?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/7_8/plants_grow.shtml (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Plants
As we were looking at plants and flowers in Science last term we decided to try and grow some plants in class. We were all really surprised that they grew so well. We must have kept them in the right place! Can you tell us what plants need to grow (More)
Mrs Hargreaves wrote: Helping Plants Grow
4M have planted seeds and are watering them every night. Can you notice a change 4M? What makes a plant healthy? (More)
Mrs Wood wrote: Habitats.
blmiers2 via Compfight blmiers2 via Compfight3C have been looking at different plants and animals from the Arctic. Can you tell us the difference between plants and animals? (More)
Mrs Walpole wrote: Megastars 2013 has started !
It's lovely to see all you eager and enthusiastic year 5 and 6 scientists turning up for our 2013 Megastars Science Club - some of you have been coming to our Claremont science clubs for the past 5 years so well done for your continuing commitmen (More)
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