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Mrs Wilson wrote: How to read music 1
Poco Loco Poco Loco, Blackpool's school of samba very kindly came into Claremont to deliver a workshop on Brazilian Samba music. This informed part of our country study of Brazil. We experienced an excellent, hands on session which all the children (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: PE
In PE this term we are looking how our body can move and how we can show emotion through our movements. We will also be seeing if different music makes us move differently. This week we listened to different music and followed instructions to the be (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Famous Faces
This half term in year 2, we will be learning about lots of famous people in history. People can be famous or all sorts of things. For example, Roald Dahl is famous for writing books, Neil Armstrong is famous as the first man on the moon and David (More)
15kyles wrote: Kyle plays clarinet
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