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We observed him in detail in science club, but can you find out any facts about this frog. What type is he ? Is he likely to live in the nursery garden ? Is it a suitable habitat for him ? We let him go at the end of the day. He made big leap (More)
Tonight 'Megastars' set up an investigation to find out if this is really true. Each child chose 5 copper coins (borrowed from Mr Walpole's charity 'penny' tin) and studied them to see which were the most tarnished, the age of the coins (some were ne (More)
Mrs Walpole wrote: Megastars 2013 has started !
It's lovely to see all you eager and enthusiastic year 5 and 6 scientists turning up for our 2013 Megastars Science Club - some of you have been coming to our Claremont science clubs for the past 5 years so well done for your continuing commitmen (More)
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