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Mrs Spence wrote: We are resourceful.
We have lots of strategies and resources which can help us with our learning.  Mrs Spence loves it when we independently choose and access the resources which will help us with our independent activities.  What resources help you with your (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Maths
Working together to recognise and make numbers to 20.        (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Summertime Maths
We loved taking our maths lesson outside today. 😎                (More)
You have been studying money management and planning your own lunar theme park. Using the skills your have learnt, could you solve this problem I encountered whilst shopping this weekend. Which should I have picked, which was better value? (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Working on time problems
 Using a big clock to work out time problems.     (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: What time is it Mr Wolf?
In Maths this week 1C are working on telling the time.  We checked our learning of O'clock and half past times today.  Everyone was very excited to show the time on their clocks. (More)
Miss Dugdale wrote: Super Mathematicians!
In RM, we like to keep all our learning fun and interesting for the children. This week, we have been discussing capacity in the sand area. Children were developing their own problems and using language such as "full, nearly full, half full and em (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Directional language
 We have been using directional language this week to move ourselves and cars about and also to find treasure on a pirate map.        (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Practical Maths
 Using Numicon to make numbers and add two amounts together.      (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Human or physical features?
In geography this half term we have been learning about human and physical geographical features.  Today, Mrs Spence asked us to sort different geographical features into groups of either human or physical features.   (More)
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