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Miss Tomlinson wrote: 3D shapes
Last week in 2C we learned about 3D shapes. We had a go at making our own with play-doh and straws. Can you identify what shapes you have built?       (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Weighing
        We have had great fun this week weighing different objects using cubes. We estimated how much we thought they would weigh and then checked our answers. (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Can you beat our score?
In 2C we have enjoyed playing Hit the Button, can you beat our top scores? For 2x tables our top scorers so far are: Karos - 27 Scott - 12 Christian 6 For 5x tables our top scorers so far are: Miss Tomlinson - 27 Karos - 18 La (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Counting in 2s
Using socks to count in 2s!            (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: How much do they save?
I can confidently find fractions of amounts of money . Apply your knowledge to the problem below and show off your understanding by leaving a comment containing answers ASAP. Think carefully, we have covered this objective recently! (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: 6M's BIDMAS challenge
Can you spot the mistake in our BIDMAS triangle? (More)
In 2C we are working hard to make sure we know the two, three, five and ten times tables well so that we can quickly and confidently answer times table questions. Below are some videos that we have been enjoying to help us learn them. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Counting indepedently
It is great to see children independently using resources to engage in their own learning.  I can count to 20!   (More)
Mrs Kennett wrote: Numicon number lines
We enjoyed learning how to order our Numicon pieces to make a number line. (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Place Value
Today in 2C we have been learning about place value. We played a game in teams to match the number, numeral and picture of Dienes.   (More)
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