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At the end of last term we celebrated our terms work by dressing up as characters from the book 'The Tiger who came to Tea'. We had a great day linking all our work to the book and tigers and then all of Year 1 got together to retell the story. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Sequencing
We have been learning about sequencing a story correctly in Literacy. Then in maths we have been learning how to put actions into a sequence so that it makes sense. Would be difficult to get dressed before you had got up, or clean your teeth and t (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Making up a story
We have really enjoyed our castle topic and being able to play with the castle and knights. We have been making our own stories whilst playing then drawing it and retelling to the class at the end of the day. Mrs Powell thinks we may have some futu (More)
As the scaly leopard gecko proudly prowled up the khaki tree-branch, his glistening eyes twinkled in the scorching sun as he strolled through the gaps between the verdant-green leaves. Strangely, whenever a dangerous predator approaches, the luminous (More)
In class, we have been doing a descriptive piece of writing of a river scene. We could choose between two river scenes: A gloomy scene & A Beautiful river scene! Here is my BEAUTIFUL RIVER SCENE! As I glimpsed at the charming, sapphire, aquama (More)
14 Aneka wrote: My 100 Word Challenge!
Today we had to do a 100 word challenge and if you have seen the previous posts, you would see that we could make a poem! Here's Mine! The fearsome crocodile smiled at the poor cute, little child: “You have big, shiny, white teeth Mr Crocodile! (More)
Mrs Wood wrote: Commas
This morning we have been learning about commas. We have enjoyed looking at the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves to help us understand commas. Some of us have drawn pictures to show the difference between the sentences we have written. In this video o (More)
Mrs Wood wrote: Cat in the Hat
This morning in 3C we are pretending we are one of the characters from Cat in the Hat and are writing letters to explain to our Mum what has happened to the house while she was out... should we tell Mum about Thing 1 and Thing 2? What would you wr (More)
  We are reading Can't you Sleep Little Bear in Class this week. Please let us know if  you have read the book.  Did you enjoy it?     (More)
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