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Miss Campbell wrote: 4P Fleetwood Museum Trip
[pdf-embedder url="http://claremontblackpool.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/4P-Fleetwood-Museum.pdf" title="4P Fleetwood Museum"] (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Blackpool past and present
Our History topic this term is Blackpool and the History of some of the popular attractions around town.  Did you know people have been visiting Blackpool as a seaside resort since the 1750's. This week we looked at old photos of Blackpool and (More)
Mr Green wrote: Art - The Victorians
In art children in 4P have been using pencils to sketch a picture of a victorian workhouse. Children were using pictures from the book Great Expectations as a guide. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Visitors
   Mrs Powell's parents came into visit to answer all our questions.  We wanted to know all about when they were young and what toys they played with. We had lots of good questions so they were kept very busy answering them all. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Toys of the past
        We were lucky to be visited by Professor Tuesday who told us all about old toys and let us play with them.  He didn't bring any iPads or game consoles! (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Remembrance
With it being Remembrance Day in November and a 100 years since the Battle of the Somme ended we had a very special visitor in school. A local Historian came in to talk about the life of a WW1 soldier and to teach us about their kit and drill. &nbs (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Blackpool Tower
 In History this term we are learning about the history of Blackpool. We learnt about Blackpool Tower and then had a go at making our own Tower.  Could you make a better tower?           (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Homework projects
Every half term the children are set a project to complete linked to that terms project. Last term Year 1 were learning about the history of Blackpool and they had to make an iconic Blackpool landmark. These were the top entries from 1M - amazing. (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: History of Blackpool
This term we have been learning about the history of Blackpool. Do you know how long Blackpool has had its Railway or when the Blackpool Tower was built? In 1M we made our own timeline to show when Blackpool changed from a small village to a ho (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Recycling
         We learnt about all the different objects we can recycle to help save our planet for future generations. During recycling week we collected lots of boxes to recycle into Blackpool Tower as we are learning (More)
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