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 Ah !  Look at our nursery children learning how to brush teeth. You can also meet the tooth defenders here ! What interesting facts do you know about teeth ? (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Being Healthy
It is really important that as we grow and get bigger we keep our bodies healthy with exercise and by eating the right foods. Last week we spent time discussing what was good for us and how to keep healthy. We sorted lots of foods and activities in (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Healthy Teeth
We had a visitor in school this week to explain how we can look after our teeth. Can you remember any of the tips that she gave us? (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Raising money in red!
We are wearing red in school today to raise money for the British Heart Fountain. This week we ave been taking part in extra sports and activities which keep us healthy. This morning we have already done 10 minutes on Wake and Shake. We love danci (More)
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