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Mrs Powell wrote: Blackpool Tower
We had a great day at Blackpool Tower. We were very brave and went on the glass floor, some of us even laid down on it! We then looked for natural and man made features from the Tower Windows.            &nb (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Blackpool Tower Trip
We had a lovely time at Blackpool Tower today.  We started our day in the Tower's classroom where we had the opportunity to build our own towers using Lego.  Next, we zoomed to the top of the tower where we had a great view of our town building up (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Human or physical features?
In geography this half term we have been learning about human and physical geographical features.  Today, Mrs Spence asked us to sort different geographical features into groups of either human or physical features.   (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Geography
In Geography this term we are learning about the UK. The countries that make up the UK and their different cities. We have also been using compass points to see where places are. We had great fun giving each other directions using compass po (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Geography
We have been talking this week about our local area and how we all get to school. We looked at google maps to see the roads around the school then got into small groups to talk about our journeys. We talked about how we got to school and if we wal (More)
Our topic next half term is going to be "What would Little Red Riding Hood see in her local park?" Can you suggest what she might see? What things do you like doing in your local parks? (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Zoo
We have been to the zoo today and we made Miss Tomlinson extremely proud! Our behaviour was perfect and learned loads of new facts about all the animals we saw. We also impressed a zoo keeper with out knowledge of animal adaptations. An all round sup (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Where should we go?
In 1C this afternoon we have been having a look at some holiday brochures to decide where would like to go on holiday and why. It's been great fun! Where would you like to go and why? (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: 'The Great Wave'
Look at this artwork by Katsushika Hokusai... Can you describe how this art makes you feel? Use a thesaurus to help you come up with interesting words. EBI... You can write it in a paragraph and maybe even include similes. (More)
Who knows what animals live in hot countries? What do you know about these animals?   [padlet key='ctpljr7pem73' width='100%' height='480'] (More)
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