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Mrs Powell wrote: Science Week
During Science week we tried out lots of different experiments but the favourite one was 'Which chocolate melts fastest?' Which one do you think would melt the quickest, milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate? We ended up with quite a mi (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: World Maths Day
Wednesday was World Maths Day so Mrs Powell set us lots of different challenges to complete during the day. It was lots of fun and we want to do it again!            (More)
Mrs Hargreaves wrote: Egyptian Day!
[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignnone" width="225"] On Monday, 4M had an Egyptian Day where we learnt about Ancient Egyptian Gods, farming and food. 4M, what was your favourite part of the day? [/caption] (More)
14 Aneka wrote: Let's CELEBRATE!
As you already may have noticed, it is 4 DAYS till our assembly/play! So I thought we could have a little celebration! This is my first 'Scratch' animation & thanks to Liam from 6M for telling me how to do it! Thank You! (More)
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