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Mrs Spence wrote: Quad blogging prize.
2c were the KS1 winners for the first round of Quadblogging at Claremont. On Friday, we all got to enjoy our prize which was a movie with popcorn. (More)
Mrs Spence wrote: Safe Internet Day 2014
This week we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe on the Internet. We designed posters to give tips and advice. What can you do to keep yourself safe on the Internet? (More)
14liamm wrote: 6C won!!!!!! Yeesss
6C are last half term's blogging champions as we won the most votes on our blog! As a result, we get to have a afternoon watching a film but......we do not know what to watch and when we are going watch it. Also we get popcorn and drinks. We are th (More)
15BrookeP wrote: AMY POND'S BLOG
Hi i am Amy Pond i have had alot of things going on lately with all the aliens like the weeping angel ,syber men and of course the Darlics but the doctor has been helping me get through it i think ive allmost been hert about 10 times but ive allways (More)
Miss Fleet wrote: I am Miss Fleet
Hello.My name is Miss Fleet and I work at Claremont. I have quite a few roles in school: I am one of the assistant Headteachers, the phase leader for LKS2 (Y3 and 4) and the IT co-ordinator. I am showing the new children in 4M our school blog and tea (More)
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