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Mrs Hargreaves wrote: Welcome back to school 4C!
Welcome back to school 4C! We hope you've had a lovely, relaxing break and are ready to be back at school. This term, we are carrying on our topic of Habitats. Can you tell comment below about something you already know about Habitats?   (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Well done Thomas
Our second homework project came in this week. Everyone fell in love with these gorgeous elephants!    (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Well done Gracie!
Gracie is the first person in 1M to bring in her homework project. Doesn't it look great!    Who will be next?  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's creations. (More)
Mrs Hargreaves wrote: Living and Non-Living things...
Our Science topic this week is Habitats. We have been categorising Living and Non-Living things. Living things have four common characteristics. Can you pick an animal or object and explain why it is living or non-living?   (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: Bird feeders
This week we decided to make some bird feeders to help the birds survive in our local parks. It was great fun but very sticky mixing up the nuts and cheese and fat to make the food balls. Though we are sure the birds will enjoy eating them. (More)
Created with Padlet (More)
Mrs Powell wrote: The Zoo
We finished off our Topic on 'Natures Mysteries' by going to the zoo. We weren't as lucky as 1M with the weather but we had a great time. We were also able to ask a zoo keeper lots of questions about the different animals so learnt lots of new fact (More)
This week 3C are studying how different organisms move. In science we are focusing on how we make any investigation fair and which variables we change or keep the same. We have decided to test if a tadpoles area has an affect on how it swims. Below a (More)
14 Aneka wrote: My 100 Word Challenge!
Today we had to do a 100 word challenge and if you have seen the previous posts, you would see that we could make a poem! Here's Mine! The fearsome crocodile smiled at the poor cute, little child: “You have big, shiny, white teeth Mr Crocodile! (More)
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