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Life in a Favela TASK: Write a diary entry after a day in the life of someone who has just moved from the countryside to a new shanty town settlement on the outskirts of Rio. Their diary must refer to the hardships they face on a daily basis when (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: Skellig: A review by 6M
Skellig - a review. (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: Skellig Half Term Challenge
Can you identify the adjectives in the following passage which describe the garage that Michael explores in Skellig? There were old chests of drawers and broken wash-basins and bags of cement, ancient doors leaning against walls, deck chairs w (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: SPAG challenge
Punctuate the paragraph and put in capital letters, full stops and commas. There are six sentences in A and five sentences in B. A. there once was a time when a huge fat and spiky monster lived in the mountains everyone threw spears stones saws a (More)
What do you think of our focus text so far? Would you recommend it to anyone already? Does it provoke any feelings when you read the text? In your opinion, what has been the best bit so far and why? Is there anything in particular encouraging y (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: African Topic Introduction
Africa - A continent of contrasts We have studied the many different countries that make up Africa. We have located them on a map, looked up the population of each and their life expectancy. We were amazed to find out that Africa was made up of so m (More)
Mrs Wilson wrote: How to read music 1
Mr Robinson wrote: Happy Christmas from 6M
Write a diary entry as a street child, like Jim, forced to work to stay alive. Considering the desperate circumstances these children faced on a daily basis. What success criteria will you consider to ensure this writing is quality? (More)
Mr Robinson wrote: Brazilian Graffiti Study
Brazilian Graffiti Study From the streets of Sao Paulo and the boulevards of Rio de Janerio to 6M's classroom display! We recreated some Brazilian graffiti that is inspired by our study of Brazil. Please see our classroom display below! &n (More)
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