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Mrs Moore wrote: Water Resistance
As part of our Science topic on Friction we have investigated water resistance. We designed and made boats in small groups then raced them across the surface of the water using a fan. 5M can you comment on this post and explain who you wor (More)
Mrs Moore wrote: Year 5 Trip to Aspire
On Friday afternoon all of Year 5 will have the opportunity to visit Aspire School to a planetarium to learn all about space and the solar system. We will be travelling to Aspire by coach after lunch and will be back at school by 4:45pm. If you haven (More)
A lot of children in our class are interested in the latest football transfer news; some of the latest news is below...   Cristiano Ronaldo says he doesn't want to play in Spain instead he wants to play in England with Manchester Unite (More)
15crystalg wrote: Lancaster University Trip
    Last week on Monday, 11 children were selected to go onto a trip to Lancaster University. This included me (Crystal), Matt, Grace, Craig and Harrison as well as Andrew from year 6 and 5 other children in 5C. We did some math activ (More)
If you have heard Luis Suarez bit a Italy player a couple of days ago but the Italy Giorgio Chiellin . Apparently he showed the referee his bite mark  and Suarez can get a 4 month ban or 2 year ban.It is the 3 time because he was angry because t (More)
On Monday the 9th of June 5m and 5c have going  on a trip to Manchester  city  stadium (we was all exited!!). Then we made our way to were the coach is going to meet us,we had excitement  filled inside us, then the coach finally arrived Mrs Moore (More)
It’s Thursday and it’s already the end of our topic! I really enjoyed learning about H2O, the scientific term for water. Think about it, the water you have on the side in that glass over there is over 4 billion years old, Dinosaurs could have dra (More)
Mrs Moore wrote: Magic Squares
Can you have a go at solving the magic squares so that each row, column and diagonal add up to the same number? If you complete them try writing some rules, see if you notice any patterns. (More)
Mrs Moore wrote: Pandora Discovered
    In 5M we have been using the setting for James Cameron's Avatar film to inspire our creative writing, we have been describing the setting of Pandora, creating new characters and describing the existing characters of the myster (More)
Mrs Moore wrote: Uplevelling Sentences
This week one of our non-negotiables on our learning menu is to uplevel a set of boring sentences using adverbs and adjectives. Can you comment improving one of these basic sentences: 1. I went to the park. 2. I walked to the castle. 3. We p (More)
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