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Congratulations to the following children. They have all won a trip to Waterstones, Blackpool to spend £10 on books to take home. Nursery: Mia & Caydn RC - Chloe & Daniel                             RM - Ffion & Tj (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Skittle Mix
Oh no!..... McKenzie has gone! We needed a new member for our boy band Skittle Mix. We made posters.   And....... the auditions started   There were lots of great comments from us judges. And........ the win (More)
Miss Tomlinson wrote: Welcome to our blog
Welcome to 5C's blog. Keep checking out our class blog to see what we're learning about. (More)
15crystalg wrote: Lancaster University Trip
    Last week on Monday, 11 children were selected to go onto a trip to Lancaster University. This included me (Crystal), Matt, Grace, Craig and Harrison as well as Andrew from year 6 and 5 other children in 5C. We did some math activ (More)
On Monday the 9th of June 5m and 5c have going  on a trip to Manchester  city  stadium (we was all exited!!). Then we made our way to were the coach is going to meet us,we had excitement  filled inside us, then the coach finally arrived Mrs Moore (More)
Mr King wrote: Sport relief 2014
Across school the children of Claremont have been taking part in a range of fundraising activities, to help raise money for disadvantaged children across the UK as well as abroad. In 5c we ran a mile. I want to say how proud I am of all the chi (More)
14 Andrew wrote: Raffle Tickets in 6c !!!
In 6c Brooklyn (a child in 6c) came up with a spectacular idea to use raffle tickets.If you are good or work very hard you will get a raffle ticket.At the end of the day we pick a number if it's the same of yours you get a  I got a worm teddy. :) L (More)
First:If someone is annoying you by sending abuse, press the report button Next:If that doesn't work reset you privacy settings After:check your friend list (if the website has one) and delete all the people that you don't know  Finally:never c (More)
15BrookeP wrote: Pandora
1.As I walked towards my door,I started to sweat. 2.Although pandora is beautiful, there is lots of danger. 3.I'll be safe , as long as I wear my mask. 4.If I climb up a tree I will be safe whereas if I carry on running I would die. 5.In (More)
15graceh wrote: Cazdapsaruzseza
Cazdapsaruzseza is a freezing, cold planet with no life at all.It is a huge planet that is bigger than the sun.Cazdapsaruzseza is a very rocky and only has one very small river.There is very little gravity, but a huge amount of carbon dioxide mixed (More)
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