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MrMcGough wrote: Art in 3M
The Children in 3M have work extremely hard and produced some fantastic artwork this year. Here are a few examples from our previous topic. (More)
Miss Fleet wrote: Spring 1 Topic - Stone Age
This half term we are learning about The Stone Age. Take a look at our topic web to see what we will be learning. Our homework activity is to create a model of a stone age home. Have a look at Jack's in the photo at the header of our blog for an e (More)
Across LKS2 the children completed four investigations. In 3C we investigated bubbles. We created our own bubble blowers using a variety of resources and then tested them. Can you tell me what you found out from the investigation? Did your blower (More)
Mrs Thomas wrote: Stone Age Houses
This week in 3M we have been making our own Stone Age houses. (More)
Mrs Thomas wrote: Magnets
This week in 3M we have been investigating magnets and finding out which one is the strongest. What do you know about magnets? (More)
3M visit Eureka by Slidely Slideshow (More)
Miss Jackson wrote: 3M's Class Message
listen to ‘3M Message’ on Audioboo // (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: 3m's Amazing Aquariums
Today 3M handed in their Aquarium homework projects. They are amazing!!! Take a look .... Amazing Aquariums on PhotoPeach The children have put a lot of creativity and effort into their models. A wide variety of materials have been used; fr (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: Oceans of the World
Look at the map below: Can you name the five oceans of the world? Can you tell me what continents they are near? Do you know the difference between the ocean and sea? (More)
Mrs Riches wrote: Boudicca Questions
On Friday Boudicca is going to be joining our classroom for question time. Can you think of any questions you would like to ask Boudicca? (More)
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