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16 Ryan wrote: wilds cats
this is a tiger in the rain forest. (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Sports Relief
Sports relief will help children in Ghana with all the money we are raising is going to help people in Ghana become as successful as Steven Gerrard.   (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Henri Rousseau
This is one of Henri Rousseau's fantastic paintings. (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Rain forest
The rain forest is a great place to go look at nature and birds that will fly over your head but it does cost a lot! (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Eid
listen to ‘Lewis & Ryan’ on Audioboo // (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Safer Internet Day
listen to ‘Ryan & Sophie Internet’ on Audioboo // (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Egyptian day
Monday we had an Egyptian day for year 4 and we really liked it we had lots of fun doing all the activities.  We got to do like the Mummy maker,Egyptian tomb adventure,Egypt maths,Egypt writing and writing our names in hieroglyphs. (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Uses of magnets
1.Magnets do not all  be have and attract towards each other. 2.Sometimes magnets repel to each,this means that they push them away. 3.Sometimes magnets attract and this means that they try to attract each other closer. 4.The force that pus (More)
16 Ryan wrote: My friends
My friends are Sophie, Martin, Maciej, Georgina, Demi-leigh and Demi F.  They are my best friends. (More)
16 Ryan wrote: Maths
In maths i am a 3b and I am working on the bus stop method. We are working on division using the bus stop method. (More)
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