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16marting wrote: safe internet day poem
Stay safe on the internet Meeting  people is wrong Accepting dangerous downloads might harm your computer Receiving reliable messages Tell your Mum and Dad   (More)
16marting wrote: Mummifying a body
You have to take all the Organs out of the body. To take the organ out of the bran you have to get a red hot pole up the nose . Then rap the body in line and wash the body with water from, the river nile. Anubis decides if they are all right to go th (More)
16marting wrote: Learning menu
I really like are new learning menu.  Are we going to have another menu Miss Sutton? (More)
16marting wrote: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE
happy new year hope you have a good year (More)
  Yesterday on 25th of November we went to Legoland and Chill Factore.First we saw how to make lego bricks we had to push buttons and spin. Then we went on a ship and we had to shoot goblins,trolls , zombie and skeletons.After we built cars (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Learning to sew :)
How we love to sew! on PhotoPeach (More)
16marting wrote: Anti-Bullying
Stop bullying Bullying is nasty and horrible. We need to stop the bully's. We can beat the bully's. Bully's only heart you with word's if they physically heart you tell a adult   (More)
16marting wrote: Natural Disasters
A super Volcano is 100 times bigger and grater than an normal volcano.It covers more land and can corse global warming. (More)
16marting wrote: Assertive mentoring
My target is to get ahead of target in my writing. I am ahead of target in my maths. I always  come to school in uniform. I come to school every day. (More)
16marting wrote: Global renewables
At global renewables we saw lots of rubbish. It was fun every one had fun. (More)
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