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    Hello every body today I am going to be to be talking about animals in the Rain Forest so at number one its the feisty tree snake it is nearly the most conman snake in the world it has a little venom but is is harmless to humans b (More)
16maciejo wrote: The Rainforest!
  The Rain Forest we all know the place loads of them are gone there wet and cold so you don't want to be in one and there are load's of DANGEROUS animals and their sometimes have poison like the poison -as frog and some spiders. (More)
How to Mummify a body step the one First you have to make sure the body is dead the way to do it is if the body smells like it's been put in a garbage truck  100,000000 times then it is dead step two you've got to get a chizel stick it up the nose a (More)
One Saturday as I went out I saw the rare GRAND PINK GORILLA on  a BICYCLE it looked so silly that I laughed my head of so back to my day,I went to the park and I saw my freind Jack "Hi Jack how are you?" I asked, "I'm good,what are you doing here?" (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Safer Internet Day
To stay safe on the Internet is to block all the people that alway's bully you on the Internet and if that doesn't work then you could call the police but I wouldn't recommend it and finally if your under 13 years old you can't go on facebook or twit (More)
16maciejo wrote: HORRID HENRY
16maciejo wrote: Natural Disasters
In the world there's always some disasters so that's why I am going to tell you about Natural disasters in the world at no first of it's the terrifying floods they can course loud's of destruction so you'd better stay inside for a while. At no two (More)
16maciejo wrote: 5 facts about Egyptians
1.The story of ancient Egypt has survived for thosends of years.Egypt was one of the greatest civilizations of the past. 2.A good portions of the old testaments takes place in or around Egypt.Egypt also plays major role in the life of many bible p (More)
It was a beautiful day,more like a horrible cold and windy day, I was at school on the last day of school for the christmas holiday and I done all my work and all my writing then it was home time and we got little bags with little treats in'em I got (More)
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