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16lewisf wrote: Health and Education
Last term Health and Education Committee looked  at you're teeth and health issues about teeth. We asked children  if they were registered with a dentist and when they last attended. (More)
It is lots of fun and a good thing to do and it gives you a great experience. When I first came in School Council  I did not know what to do and now I really like it and it's really fun now.  I supported the Christmas Tombola and it was a great (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: The Rainforest
listen to ‘Lewis’ on Audioboo // (More)
16lewisf wrote: My Assertive Mentoring
I just did my assertive mentoring and I got all greens and I have got 227 smileys now! (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Eid
listen to ‘Lewis & Ryan’ on Audioboo // (More)
16lewisf wrote: The Egyptians
The king of the Egypt lived in a pyramid and they will order it as soon as he became king. (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Safer Internet Day
16lewisf wrote: Comics
We have been doing  are own comics and it was about our class reader which is 'there is a pharaoh in our bath!' (More)
16lewisf wrote: Egyptian day
I made my 0wn costume.  So far we have been having fun and been learning new things. (More)
16lewisf wrote: Smileys
I was the first to get my one hundred and now I have my two hundred. (More)
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