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16byrond wrote: Parrots
Some parots are very dangerous some are nice.A couple of people own them I used to own my own.lots of people love them lots dont.                     (More)
16byrond wrote: Monkeys
Monkeys are funny animals some people like them some people dont.     Most people think there very funny and I agree with that because some act very silly and weird. (More)
Miss Curzon wrote: Safer Internet Day
16byrond wrote: Egyptian day
Egyptian day was really fun  especially tasting the food.  My favourite food was the raisins and orange peels. (More)
16byrond wrote: Egyptians
Egyptians had lots of gods and beliefs. The last ruler of egypt was cleopatra she had a brother who was also a ruler they shared it royaly. They had been driven from egypt though by the romans.                                       (More)
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