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14 Cavern wrote: World Book Day
World book day is today, and everyone has dressed up as their favorite book characters. For Example: Brooklyn and Kylie dressed as pirates ( as did others. ) However, I have dressed up as an Angry Bird, but I'm not really angry! :) (More)
Mrs Howe, I will miss you from deep within my heart. The classroom will never be the same without you. I hope to see you in September as I'm going to Palatine too. P.S: I can now divide 3 digit by 2 digit. By the way, I really miss you, as i said at (More)
A Leopard Gecko's black spots, which are like mini holes ( Or Portals ), are confusing, as most creatures with black and yellow skin, are like that, to warn off any possible predators like: Birds Of Prey, larger species of Lizards and very few more. (More)
As you may have realized it is only 5 days until our CLASS ASSEMBLY!! So we are getting ready for a great assembly, which is being performed by the best class ever. I.e: 6C and no one else. I still cannot believe we are first. I am not going to give (More)
Once in a ordinary cage, was a trapped lizard, who was eager to be set free. One day his dream had finally come true, a enthusiastic child came charging up against the glass around the cage and said “ I want that one! “ Finally what he had dreamt (More)
14 Cavern wrote: Our Whole Class Assembly!
Now that it is 2014, through out the school, everyone at some point this year, will be organising class plays based on there class topic! However, 6C is first this year so we are going to make our assembly extremely specail. As we are now on to our n (More)
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