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Callum and I made this Scratch to show a fun way of spreading Safer Internet Day messages! (More)
14 Callum wrote: Rapid Cars!
Rapid cars (More)
14 Callum wrote: Beautiful River Scene
Whilst I looked down at the verdant-green bushes and oak trees,I fell in love with nature (as a result I wrote a complete poem on ‘mother nature’!) As I glare at the charming sapphire,blue sky, I see a multi-coloured rainbow fading away in the di (More)
14 Callum wrote: My Talent Competition!!
When I was on holiday (In Essex), I joined the talent competition, which was called Steeple Bays got Talent, and I sung the new single Gabz 'The One'! Unfortunatly, I didn't win the finals, but I had a GREAT time and I enjoyed it! (More)
During lunch time Callum , Chelsey , Jade and Harvey help Mrs Connolly to do jobs like; lock the toilets, door duty, sort coats out or take the trolley back to year 4 /5  corridor . It is very fun, BUT also you have to be responsible as its a big r (More)
My anti - bullying story (using 3-ED Alan Peat sentences) by Callum Watson. One morning on the Double Decker school bus, a lofty, thin youth (called Jacob) was playing a cheap version of minecraft on his I phone 5s, whilst looking out of the top dec (More)
14 Callum wrote: The SAT's Mock Tests!!!
In year 6, we have been doing mock SAT's tests. So far we have done: paper A, mental maths test, reading test.  On Wednesday we are doing paper B. Callum (ME) got 35/40  on paper A  WOW!! (More)
Callum - write a post about your successful day. Include meeting 3 targets after school that you have been working on! (More)
In 6c, Miss Langley has been doing extra tuition after School with Children from 3:15pm to the maximum of 4:30pm. We usually do maths and sometimes Extra Smileys are given out! Two Of Miss Langley's Level 5 Student's have been staying after School Fo (More)
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