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School Council went to visit the Mayor and we learnt a lot of interesting facts about her and the building! The Town Hall took 5 years to build and it was amazing how it looked! First we went into the council chamber were the Mayor's assistant told (More)
14 Aneka wrote: Child-line!
Child-line is a website were you can play games, express your feelings or send a message to a Child-line counsellor about your problems (Out of school, or in school).  You could even call them with the Child-line number (0800 1111) about your proble (More)
14 Aneka wrote: World Book Day!
Today is World Book Day (06-03-14) and nearly everyone has come in a fabulous book character! Some people have come in as: Tinkerbell, Matilda, Dorothy and Count Dracula! We also can bring books in to trade! If you come in as a character you have to (More)
Our new topic for this term is Japan and I thought I could do some facts about the awesome country! HERE WE GO!! 1) The Japanese name for Japan is “Nihon” or “Nippon” which means “sun origin”.             2) Japan is made up from (More)
Callum and I made this Scratch to show a fun way of spreading Safer Internet Day messages! (More)
On 11th of February it was Safer Internet Day! Safer Internet Day has different themes each year and this year the theme was 'Let's Create A Better Internet Together'. On Safer Internet Day, we got a sheet of paper saying 'What will you do if you cou (More)
14 Aneka wrote: Short Lizard Story!!
One scorching day in the Sahara Desert (Which blew sand in my face like a cleaner blowing dust off a counter), there was an adorable, tiny gecko, which had a coat of khaki spots all over his bright yellow body. One casual, sweltering day, a collectio (More)
By Aneka! By Aneka & Andrew! (More)
14 Aneka wrote: Our New Visitors!
For the past few weeks, we have got new visitors from around the world! It's very exciting to know that we are being visited by hundreds of people, not just the UK! We have been visited by: Egypt (1 Person), Israel (1), Thailand (1), Pakistan (1), Ph (More)
As the scaly leopard gecko proudly prowled up the khaki tree-branch, his glistening eyes twinkled in the scorching sun as he strolled through the gaps between the verdant-green leaves. Strangely, whenever a dangerous predator approaches, the luminous (More)
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