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14 Aaron wrote: valentines day animoto
For Brogyn P valintine (More)
14brogynp wrote: Scratch
Last week, 6C got shown how to use a computer programming website called 'Scratch' - it is a really good website, because kids can use their imagination whilst improving their ICT skills! Brandon I is really good with computers and it is time he show (More)
14 Cavern wrote: Valentines Day
Valentines Day (More)
14 Aaron wrote: friends
In your life you should have a friend. A friend should stick by your side for ever no matter what! But some people just pretend to be your friend to play with your toys but a real friend stays by your side and like you for who you are!   (More)
by Brogyn and Aaron. Sharks are one of the most feared under water animals,they have two sets of teeth.Some people think sharks only eat other fish ...but a shark is a fish as well  they can eat any think up to their own size ... If a shark is goi (More)
14 Aaron wrote: Naruto
Naruto is a Japanese animate. It so good to watch and you can watch it on Narutoget.co.uk (search it on Google) When I was younger, it was on TV although it got taken off TV in 2oo6 . In Naruto - Naruto is in team 7.  Kakashi Sensea was the leader (More)
New tech is cool (More)
14 Cavern wrote: Our Whole Class Assembly!
Now that it is 2014, through out the school, everyone at some point this year, will be organising class plays based on there class topic! However, 6C is first this year so we are going to make our assembly extremely specail. As we are now on to our n (More)
14 Aaron wrote: Bearded dragons
                             Bearded dragons :) Bearded dragons are ace! They eat: crickets , meal worms and many more insects. But, they can also eat salad as they and other invertebrates need to be fed a balanced diet. Breeders h (More)
14 Aaron wrote: 1950's dances and music
                                                           I love 1950'S MUSIC!                                                          the music and dances are (More)
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